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There are few things that bother me more than bureaucracy and bullshit. It bothers me when students here at the University at Albany, a school I’ve come to love over the last two and a half semesters I’ve spent here.

Today, when emails like this come out… that’s a sad day for the University:

Dear Senators,

An important message from Chief of Staff Jay Wholley in regards to today’s walk out. Thank you and I will be sending you an updated agenda some time today probably around 3 so please keep checking your email.

“Although I know the last few years have proven to show terrible cuts to the school and the [SUNY] system as a whole, as a member of this organization we take a stance that the school has done what it has to to survive as a great institution in the system. I understand your concerns and the want to fight the power but you cannot do so as a member of this organization. You are more then welcome to partake in the events but please do not do so as a representation of Student Association, do it as a concerned student. Thank you all for your cooperation.”

Joseph B Wholley III
Chief of Staff
Student Association Inc.


Student Association Inc.

Arthur Rushforth
Chairman of the Senate

This email was sent to all of the Student Association senators telling them basically that they have to stay in line. They cannot dissent from the ranks and actually have an opinion of their own, that NYSUNY2020 is going to kill the SUNY system and disenfranchise thousands of students in this state.

Last I checked, this isn’t a party-state. Last I checked, students were allowed to dissent and voice opinions and have a First Amendment right to free speech. 

I believe this Wednesday I’ll be making my first trek to an SA Senate meeting…just to see how this horrid group actually works.

  • 10 October 2011
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